Mission: Taking Care of my Skin!

After one of my recent very cold weather workouts, I pulled the buff down under my chin to expose my face. I looked at myself, puzzled.

Wow. I looked… old!

Look at these lines under my eyes… and crow’s feet?!?

Yay wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and lots of little lines that have started to show up.

I don’t want to grow up.

Now, I’ve never been one to really care THAT much about my appearance. I wear make-up mostly on holidays or date nights. I wash my face nightly, apply moisturizer when needed, sunscreen when I’m going on a particularly long/hot run (I know, I should be better about this… but my moisturizer has SPF in it, does that count for something?), etc. You get the picture.

I thought about the image I saw for a good week, then approached Nathan:

“I never EVER thought I’d say this, but I think I need to start investing in my skin a little more.”

He responded with some sort of “old woman” wise crack. Awesome.

I wondered where to go. Should I ask for product advice via Facebook? Do some research online? I decided to head online first and became intrigued by reviews of Rodan + Fields. I reached out to Lauri (Huettl) Smith, a high school friend & XC running teammate who now sells Rodan + Fields products.

Lauri. Pretty much gorgeous.

AND – seriously, perfect skin?!?

Haven’t heard of them? Yep, neither had I! I won’t bore you with too many details, but here are a few fun ones:

-Developed in 2002 by Stanford-University trained dermatologists Katie Rodan, M.D. and Kathy Fields, M.D., the same doctors who created Proactiv.

-They are the #4 premium skin care line brand in the US behind Estee Lauder, Clinique, and Lancome. Rodan + Fields has been growing at 100% the last few years (fastest growing line the last 6 years), though, so is poised to overtake “The Big 3” soon.

-The company’s marketing budget: $0. Because they don’t have to. In 2014 alone they had 112 million unpaid media impressions. Not too shabby.

Lauri and I talked for over an hour one day. No joke. She took that much time for me! She is now determined to help others through R+F. She explained:

I’ve been a registered nurse in a med-surg neuro ICU for almost 11 years.  I absolutely love my job & enjoy being a pillar of stability for critically ill patients & family members at such heart breaking times of their lives.  It’s been such a humbling & rewarding career—it fits in very well with my caregiver personality & my nature to want to help people.  Unfortunately, I hit a turning point in my career when I injured myself on the job & herniated a disc in my neck.  I ended up needing a surgical fusion last fall, which left me with a scar & a questionable future in nursing.  I’m still not sure if I can return to the bedside & continue to help patients, which breaks my heart. 

My friend introduced me to Rodan + Fields after my surgery, & the more I learned, the more I was truly blown away.  I jumped at the opportunity to join the business because I saw it as a new avenue in helping others, which is my true passion.  Personally, I’ve spent countless times at the dermatologist & have been prescribed countless medications.  I took antibiotics for many years before my dermatologist put me on Accutane my senior year of college, & the side effects of that can be awful & lifelong. My 1st round of Accutane didn’t last long before my acne was back in full swing.  My new dermatologist put me on numerous harsh topicals that left my skin peeling, red, & dry. I wasn’t happy & my confidence took a nosedive!  It was suggested for me to go on a few cycles of a new medication before perusing Accutane again, but I was not okay with this!  R+F has given me complete confidence again.  I am a firm believer in our products because I’ve seen them work wonders for SO MANY people including myself.  It’s really just that simple.  I want to empower others with great skin & help them control their destiny with confidence. 

Lauri took an hour with me to help me find exactly what I needed, then hooked me up with the REVERSE regimen (which also targets discolorations), specific eye cream to target the wrinkles there, and the Macro E exfoliator.

Reverse Line – lots of bottles/steps!

She then helped me figure out how to work around my running schedule, which is tricky when I’m running twice a day. When should I put it on so it’s most effective? I don’t want to go through mountains of product really fast. Yep, I’m frugal cheap, remember, people?!? Also, it takes time to do all of this, and I’m usually moving from one activity RIGHT to the other so as not to waste a minute.

Part of the regime is a 50 SPF sunscreen that I’ll apply before every run. I’ve only periodically used a sunscreen, and know I should use it all the time. I just find it thick and slimy, and having it run into my eyes isn’t that much fun. Deena Kastor would be ashamed of me (article about her battle with skin cancer here). Do you wear sunscreen before your runs?

I digress. I’m really excited to give it a go! Is that odd? I’m giddy excited to test facial products? Where is the real Nichole & what have you done with her? For the next 60 days I’ll take a picture every week, showing my progress every so often.

This arrived yesterday. VERY excited to start!

There are some impressive before and after photos out there – wonder if I’ll see results. I’m really skeptical, but I figure I have nothing to lose, right?

My before pic.

Note awesome tie-dyed shirt. It’s Nathan’s and size Large. I swim in it. Also on: very frumpy pullover and (not pictured) sweats.

When I’m going to settle in & get comfortable for the night, I don’t care what I look like, as long as I’m COMFORTABLE! 🙂

Another before close-up

Is anyone interested in trying this with me? Give it a thought – if you don’t see results in 60 days, you can simply return the product. So – nothing to lose! Email Lauri: laurismith (at) myrandf (dot) com.

Your turn:
Have you used any skin products that have worked well? If so, what ones, how, why, etc?

Have you tried Rodan + Fields before? Did it work for you?

Do you wear sunscreen before your runs? Or have SPF in your daily moisturizer & that’s enough?

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  1. My one luxury in life is a top notch area skin care clinic. Instead of vacations I get botox and filler. I also buy my skincare products from there and they are not crazy expensive but are medical grade. It makes me happy and I save up throughout the year for my treatments. I am not gonna lie as it is expensive but it actually works. People are funny about injections but I am always honest with people as too many actresses and rich women just tell everyone they just drink lots of water and buy such and such cream. But they all do it. I will never go over board though as I could not afford to. Your crows feet would not be that expensive to treat at all. That is a lower cost area. Mine cost about $150 to treat and it lasts 3 months.
    I get very lean in the face from running and use filler under my eyes and the cost of that is painful but just the first time.
    I do have a good sunscreen that contains zinc. Anything without zinc is not good enough I was told. It is not greasy at all and I just use one pump. It is Elta MD UV clear broad spectrum SPF 46 and I bought it on Amazon for $30.

    Free things that I do is I ALWAYS wear a brimmed visor running in the summer and I wear sunglasses year round whenever I am outside. This prevents squinting which causes crows feet.

    People are sometimes quick to judge about injections so people who get them are very reluctant to talk about them. But they do work very well. If you have any questions just PM me on FB as we are friends.

    Charlene Zandler Larson

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