The hardest call I have EVER made :(

And also the hardest I have cried in a long, long time.

Jerry has changed my life. Forever. I can’t even begin to thank him for what he has given me. When I was a 1:24:high half-marathoner and approached him, I told him I thought I’d like to see if I could qualify for the Olympic Trials. He should have laughed at me. Instead, he gave me a list of the women that had qualified previously and a plan… And the journey began 🙂

But I know I need a change now. I’ve not only stagnated, but become slower in the last couple of months. My 1k times have slipped 15 seconds and I don’t know why. I don’t want to be running 3:34s! I’d much prefer my sub 3:20s! But I know it isn’t a matter of effort.

Jerry surprised me by coming to the indoor marathon 🙂

It has been either circumstances (health stuff this summer?), over-training, or just not responding well anymore… But even when you know what is probably best, it is REALLY hard to change from someone you feel so indebted to. Someone who has clearly changed my life FOREVER.

I have the opportunity now to work with Chris Lundstrom going forward. Not sure how the stars aligned on that one, since he only has the capacity to work with so many… And his expertise is definitely with mileage-centric women marathoners. And FAST women (like Michelle Frey at TCM). Plus, it is an opportunity to learn more and return it to my current athletes. If there ever was a great opportunity, this is it.

Chris L. SO excited for the opportunity to learn under him!

But as I sobbed after my phone call with Jerry, how do you move from someone who has literally changed your life? That has given you more than I could ever ask?

I brought my mom to tears as well – not an easy feat. She reminded me that it isn’t like I’m pushing him aside (or killing him, as it may seem). I’m just bringing someone else into “Team Nichole”. :). I know it is absolutely the best thing for me and I am pumped to start a new chapter.

Still, change sucks.

So, Jerry, if you are reading this, (I know you are) THANK YOU for what you have given me. I have never felt so indebted to ANYONE :). Truly. Hope you dont mind continued email clutter as I continue my running journey.

Also, hope you don’t mind me buying your plane ticket to LA (or where ever the 2016 Trials will be) 🙂

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  1. Big hugs Nichole! It is a tough decision to make but even the top marathoners change coaches and you have to do what is right. I am sure Jerry only wants what is best for you. Good luck moving forward!

  2. Oh and PS – I did an 18 miler this morning with UCAN and it was GREAT! I felt strong and had good energy throughout the run and only took a few sips of water (it was only 35 degrees).

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