Assembling “Team Nichole”!

Something has changed.

Despite the fact that I am incredibly pregnant (read: huge), I’ve been more motivated than any other time during my pregnancy – heck, even before I became pregnant! Perhaps it’s the fact that I can see “the end”, so the running goals I have actually seem tangible. Those goals? They’re huge. Impossible, even?

Last week I logged 20 miles in 5 days, the most I’ve been able to do in a while. I even did a 5 mile run with my husband and brother where I was able to run a complete the last mile without walk breaks. I was so ELATED after this run!!! *I. love. running.*

In addition to my sudden/unexpected running motivation, I’ve stared assembling the 2016 “Team Nichole” which has fueled my excitement for training post-baby even more!

First, I am so excited to announce that Generation UCAN has decided to renew me for the next year!!!!

I am in LOVE with their products, so I am ecstatic to have them on board! If you followed me last year, you know that UCAN helped tremendously with the dizziness/concentration issues I’ve struggled with at the end of the marathon AND also helped me to become a better fat-burner and lean-down (for the first time in my life) for race day.
Before Generation UCAN 7-14-13
After fueling exclusively with UCAN for 6 weeks (8-31-13)

Curious for more UCAN information? Read my full review here.

Second, a familiar face has resurfaced: boom! nutrition

I used their products exclusively for years, after trying every other gel product out there. I love the consistency – not too thick (like Gu) or too thin (like PowerBar’s gel). The flavoring is all natural as well: raspberry puree is the “flavoring agent” in their raspberry gel, for example.

The company restructured (previously known as carbBOOM!), and started re-distributing their products a couple months ago. Luckily for me, they contacted me to restart a sponsorship contract! Not only that, but they’ve offered to extend a smaller sponsorship to the entire TNC team! How awesome is that?!?

I cannot wait to start the next chapters in life: motherhood and professional running, and am SO lucky to have the sponsors I do to help make both possible! I am so lucky!! Let’s get after this!!

Go #teamnichole!

2012 “Team Nichole”

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  1. I recently started following your blog (fellow MN runner/marathoner!) and I love how you are so honest and genuine in sharing things about your training, life, goals, etc. I've been VERY interested in trying Gen UCan for a while now, and reading this post (and your prior review) makes me want to bite the bullet and give a try! I seem to have the same difficulty of shedding body fat as you do. One question — do you use UCan before and after every run/workout? Or do you only use it for long or hard efforts? Thanks so much!

    1. Lindsey – you should contact me directly at nichole (dot) porath @ gmail. I'm happy to share how UCAN has worked for me — and I also have a specific coupon code (YAY to saving money). Have we met at a race?!? If not, hope to see you around the MN racing circuit soon (post-baby!)!

  2. I am starting to get very excited about training post-baby as well. I've already started making plans with friends on days/times we could meet up for runs and thinking about training a lot more. (Although it is going to be the dead of winter, which is not going to be fun though.) I just hope the transition will go okay and fall into place nicely.

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