Day off!

After Sunday’s long/hard marathon pace run, my quads were pretty beat up. I had run for 10 days in a row & my legs were telling me that. Haven’t been that sore in a while!

Usually when I’m beat up like that, I recover pretty quickly — usually just a day or so of rest or an easy day will get me back & ready. Good thing Monday was a recovery day. I couldn’t find time during the day to run, so I was going to do a 10 mile easy run in the evening (vs. a 6 in the AM and a 4 in the PM). I know, I know… not the best compromise, but hey… the best I could do.

I stopped after 9. Wanted to stop sooner, but was too far away from the house πŸ™‚ My quads had not loosened up, so what’s the point of doing another mile? That night I was still hobbling around a little bit, and the quads were still tender to the touch.

That’s when you know it’s time for a day off. πŸ™‚ When you’ve pushed yourself beyond where you can recover quickly. Nice to have a flexible training plan — to train when I can, to take a day off when I need.

And on a side note, it feels like you have so much TIME when you have a day off! Nate and I completely cleaned the office, had time for a real dinner, moved some furniture around, etc. Marvelous!! I could get used to this!! πŸ™‚

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