New Addition to the Family!

We picked up Ellie, a 3.5 year old wire haired pointer, last Thursday evening. She was a friend’s dog; when they heard we were considering getting a pet they asked if we’d be interested in her.

She’s been wonderful. My new training partner! It’s been an adventure 🙂 The first day I had her I took her out for a run. The first 2.5 miles were a nightmare. She was SO excited to explore a new city; she charged full speed ahead & couldn’t be stopped. At that point we stopped back at the house. I considered just dropping her off. No, I told myself… then she’d be winning. So as I slipped the gentle leader around her muzzle I told her that we’d run until she ran nice, however long that was. It took 9.1 miles :). She was only used to 4-5 a day, so I’m sure she was a little in shock :).

We’re still working on the running thing. She does really well on the gentle leader, but on a regular leash she tends to pull (I have very high expectations for her/myself… I can’t fight her every run when I’m in the heart of my training). We did another long run — 11 miles, and she did pretty fine. I’m surprised, especially considering she’s 10 pounds overweight. I didn’t think she’d be able to go that far with me.

She’ll get in shape and learn how to run with me in no time, I’m confident. I need someone to be with me every step of the way to that sub 2:50 this next year! (nate’s thinking, thank goodness! I’m off the hook for some of it 🙂

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