First hard workout

I was able to do my first hard workout since my injury. It went pretty well, actually! The leg is a little sore now, but I think only because it’s re-learning to move quickly.

I got a little lost on my warm-up and never found the track (oops) so I ended up doing my 800m repeats on a random road in Red Wing. Problem is you can’t find a flat 1/2 mile stretch of road here! I don’t know if it was because of the ups and downs in the road or the fact that I haven’t done anything fast in a while, but my times were really slow: 3:04, 3:02, 2:52 (which was goal time, I wanted to do these at 5K pace), 3:04, 2:50, 3:00. One way was obviously more downhill than the other way.

So, hopefully this is the start of getting back to real training. I still have to hold back a bit (I hate that!), but I’ll try to push a little more each day. I was able to switch into the 10 mile at Twin Cities and get an entry into the Des Moines marathon. Wow!! How luckly am I??!? I know I can pull myself through to do the 10 mile, and hopefully I continue getting stronger so I can have a shot at Des Moines (on October 18th)!

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