Training: Weeks 27 & 28

Highlights for these two weeks: 3×1 mile workout, a depression-low day, a FALL, cheering Nate on during the SAVE gravel ride, and seeing family for a 60th birthday celebration!

Time mostly flies by, unless I remind myself that I still have 12 weeks to go in this pregnancy. I was reminded last week how lucky I am to be able to log mileage like this without any joint, ligament, or nerve pain. Yipee! Let’s hope I can keep it up! Here’s an overview of training and life these past two weeks.

YAY last trimester! Growing steadily!

Week 27: Monday July 18th – Sunday July 24th: 39.4 miles

Workout highlight: 3×1 mile done over lunch with Craig. He was nice enough to hang back with me during my “hard” miles, which I really appreciated! When I started to labor (pun intended?), he was great about chattering about training, racing, and anything else he could think of.

I will say that I have been able to remain super positive throughout this pregnancy. Even during these repeats, I thought to myself: I am so lucky to be able to be out here! Let’s just see what I can do! I hope I can keep that positive attitude and passion alive through the rest of the pregnancy — and through training post-pregnancy!

7:22 (200m climb near the end. Tried to drive with my knees, but 1. my ligaments are too loose to drive my knees! and 2. I can only drive my knees so high – baby gets in the way!)

These were hard!

Other random life highlights (i.e. a post without a ridiculous # of Greta pictures? Ha! What were you expecting?): 

The Rice County Fair in Faribault. Greta had the time of her life! There was a lot of squealing in delight/wonder when we would see different animals. Too precious.
Cooling off on a hot day
She asked to put on my Grandma’s race bib and then proceeded to run around the basement. What an awesome kid!

Low-light: Tuesday of this week I pushed Greta to school in her stroller. Usually Nate takes her in the mornings on his way into work, but this morning he was riding into work.

I dropped her off just in time for the start of the toddler Bike rodeo! She’s all business.

I was just sad from the start of the run. For those of you who have experienced depression, you know the feeling. For those of you have haven’t, it’s impossible to describe. Nothing sounds worthwhile or meaningful. I feel helpless and very empty.

There was absolutely nothing that spurred it, as is often the case. I’ve learned to recognize the feelings, tell someone about it (I texted Nate mid-run), and then move on, knowing that the feeling will pass. I allowed myself to walk every uphill on the way back home – I just didn’t want to put any more effort into the run than absolutely necessary.

Luckily I had a very busy day at work after the run, which kept me moving and helped to lift my mood a tiny bit. Later in the week I had another “low day”.

Since stopping my bi-polar medication I haven’t had many (if any?) noticeable mood swings, in either direction. I am so thankful! I know they are generally triggered by hormone surges, so perhaps this brief down period was due to something changing with the pregnancy? All I know is that I’m thankful I can recognize that it’s just something in me that isn’t working right and the feelings aren’t “real” (per say) and will pass. This little dip reminded me that I’ll need to be diligent about changing medications and monitoring things after baby comes! I’m not too worried, but it’s good to have a plan in place!

Week 28: Monday July 25th – Sunday July 31st: 47 miles


1. Pushing Greta in the stroller to cheer on Nate during the SAVE gravel ride in town! It’s a fundraiser for suicide prevention, a cause near and dear to our hearts.

Greta was so excited to cheer for dad — until she saw all of the riders coming down the road. Then she bee-lined for my legs and tried to crawl up me to safety 🙂

2. Celebrating my aunt’s 60th birthday with a boat ride! This was so great! It was fun to see my parents, aunt and uncle. The next morning I stopped by to visit while Nate did his long ski – which allowed me to explore a new trail sans stroller! Hallelujah!

Enjoying our time on the boat.

I could not ask for an easier, happier little girl! I am SO excited to watch her grow into her role as a big sister.

Mom, Greta, Dad, and me. Note my dad’s Brooks TNC shirt! I had it printed specifically for him and the yearly 5k we’ll do together to celebrate sobriety.

Speaking of that – ahem, dad – it might be time to stop tapering from last year’s race and start training again 🙂

Low-light: 10 mile long run done with two great ladies in Northfield. I ran over to our meeting place, Mesa with me on her Stunt Puppy leash. The more I can exercise this dog, the better off our entire household is!

Everything was going great – I felt good, the conversation made the miles fly by, and the dew points were in the 60s (vs. at or above 70 like we’ve had for a long time!). Then, out of the blue, I am falling, fast, onto the pavement.

I must have clipped Mesa’s hind legs? That usually happens on a run with her but is never a big deal. Unless, I guess, I’m carrying a sizeable bowling ball on me and my balance is completely off! Luckily I landed on multiple contact points, diffusing the blow and saving baby from the fall. Both knees were bloody, my forehead and right elbow swelled with a purple goose egg. The next day I woke up to find a black eye as well.

This is the second fall this pregnancy, as I tripped on a stroller wheel while running next to Michelle and Cullen in Alaska.

Both times I have felt like a total idiot. Sort of like a blubber whale who is out of its element, sprawled out, flopping on the pavement, needing help to get to where it should be. I imagine the people watching the fall/picking me up are thinking: What was the whale doing anyway? Shouldn’t it have stayed in its home environment, safe and cozy?

Oh well. This blubber whale will continue running. I just won’t run with a dog attached to me anymore 🙂

Total miles for this pregnancy = 1668.6.
Wonder if I’ll be able to get to 2,000?

A 5k this weekend!

Your turn:
Any highlights or low-lights for you lately? Either training related breakthroughs, plateaus or a recent race results? Or, on a not-as-running-related-topic, any mental health or other personal highs or lows? I’d love to hear!!

Any embarrassing falls during a run?

All for now. I better get a “moo”-ving with the rest of my day!

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