Nailed the workout, with help from a stranger :)

I was nervous about my workout yesterday.  20 miles total with 40 minutes of marathon pace, 1 mile of tempo, 30 minutes of MP, and another mile at tempo.  Doing it solo. This is a pretty crazy long workout this far out from the marathon.  Ouch!

I decided to do this indoors, as the treadmill keeps me honest (and I feel like it helps push a little harder and I’m less likely to stop? I know I need to man up and try these outside soon… but I’ll wait for warmer temps and the sun :)).  Plus, I just really like working out at Anytime Fitness.  It’s a fun place, great treadmills, and an atmosphere that makes me want to push harder.  Plus, I always do more stretching and strength when I’m there. 

After a 3 mile warm up, I stopped to get a drink and stretch a bit.  I met Cody on my way to the drinking fountain who asked if I was training for something.  Because, he said, “I see you in here a lot!  Sometimes sprinting for like, 10 minutes!”.  Ha, guess I do stick out, doing these crazy hard workouts.

Anyway, fast forward through the workout.  Cody cheered me on throughout the entire workout.  How absolutely cool is that?!?  Not only that, but during the last 30 minutes of marathon pace segment, I stopped after 15 minutes for 30 seconds.  He saw and started cheering from across the gym.  You can do this, he said!  I restarted immediately.  Those 15 minutes took FOREVER to pass, though.  Just 10 to go… then just 6… and guess what?!?  Cody hops on the treadmill next to me, cheering me on the entire way.  Just a minute and a half to go, he cheers!  (And he has one of those great coaching-type cheering voices!)

Wow – seriously, that was the NICEST gesture, and honestly the best possible thing for my workout.  I typically struggle big-time through these long hard sessions, and I honestly think this is the first one of these in a long time that I feel like I “nailed”, didn’t stop multiple times, and felt like I was in the right “zone (HR-wise) the entire time (i.e. not pushing too hard too early and then having to stop, slow way down). I’m super pumped, and very proud of myself!  If I can do this 12 weeks out… imagine what I can do 4 weeks out… or at Fargo! 🙂

Actual workout:
3 mile WU
40 mins at MP (6:18 pace) w/ 1 min break half way through (6.3 or so miles?)
1 mile tempo (5:50)
30 mins MP (6:20 pace) w/ 30 sec break half way through (4.8 or so miles?)
1 mile tempo (5:54)
CD for remaining miles
=20 miles
+ 45 minutes of stretching and strength

Note:  HR for MP was in mid 180s, creeping up to 190-194 at end (I think at the end of the 30 minutes I was in high 190s, maybe 198 or so?)
Note 2:  I went by effort for the MP miles.  I would like to be sub-6:10s for the marathon pace, and eventually at 6:05s, but this is where I’m at right now.  I really like being able to use my HR monitor to give me additional feedback (i.e. when you think you’re hurting but see that you’re at 185 bpm, I can easily tell myself that I can hurt WAAYY more than this).  It also helped reel me in during the last 30 mins of marathon pace when my HR jumped into more of a “tempo” zone when I tried to do anything faster than 6:20-6:22.
Note 3:  Obviously, a big thank you to Cody.  Here’s hoping I see him at the gym for other hard workouts!

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  1. You DID nail it! I've had to do some longer intense workouts on the treadmill, too and it can be rough… glad Cody was there to help push you along! Funny how things work out sometimes 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  2. I've recently found your blog, and enjoy checking in:) Glad to see you love the treadmill for these kind of runs- so do I! Quesiton – do you run on incline at all for treadmill runs or workouts? I don't, and I just wonder how you think it affects your workout. GREAT long run!

    1. Katie – YES, always at 1%! If you aren't, make that change… otherwise when you get to running outside, you'll struggle a bit. Because there isn't wind or elements to fight on the treadmill (not to mention the normal undulations over the course of a run outside, even a flat run), running at 0% grade on a TM is actually similar to running at a slight decline outside.

      Soon I'll have to get myself to brave these workouts outside. Even though I can work to the right "effort" on a TM, it isn't the same as the same workout outside. I know paces will seem harder once I move outside, and running up/down inclines will be tougher as well. But, since it's still snowy and dreary out, I'll allow myself a couple more… 🙂

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