Confidence Booster

I was intimidated by the look of this one… 22 miles total with 2x (30 mins at marathon pace, 4:45 at tempo pace). Goal MP = 6:10s, goal tempo = 5:50. I haven’t yet been able to hit a longer marathon pace workout at that pace.

Until yesterday!!

Workout was: 4.5 mile WU
1st MP: 6:12 average (6:10, 6:09, 6:08, 6:10, 6:22. Turned into wind last mile and legs lost it.) 6:12 average overall. (31 minutes — had to finish out the mile!)
Tempo: 5:48 pace.
2nd rep: 6:12 average as well: 6:18, 6:09, 6:09, 6:15, 6:07 (5 full miles again)
Tempo at 5:40 pace.
Cool down for a total of 22

My legs are coming around. They don’t feel springy and light yet, but at least they’re not soaked in fatigue like they felt like they were a week ago. 2 weeks to go, and I know that they’ll come around right at the perfect time 🙂

Another great thing coming from the workout: I am very mentally focused. It is AMAZING how Dr. Asp’s work has helped me focus during these workouts. I still have 2 weeks to go working with his CD’s (and memorizing the one he made specifically for the Trials), and I know that I will be as mentally tough and ready for anything at this race, probably even more so than Grandma’s. How exciting, since Grandma’s was such an extraordinary, almost perplexing (in the best way possible) mental race for me.

What a huge confidence boosting workout!!

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  1. Yeah!! NICE work girly!!!! SO happy for you and can't wait to see ya! Does Dr. Asp sell his CD's online? I would love to purchase them if he does! Have you read Running Within? GREAT mental training book!

  2. Ariana — I don't think he does, but I'll send you his email so you can ask him yourself. I think he has a generic "race" visualization, so perhaps he could burn that and ship it. Wonder if it's too late, though… it really takes a good week or two to memorize his key phrases. As I said here, it made a HUGE difference for me at Grandma's and I'm sure I'll have the same experience at the Trials. Let me know if it works out!!!

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