Still healing

All this running takes a toll on your body! I think Sunday’s run in the rain/wet socks is what really did me in.

I chaffed on the inside of my thighs (hate it when that happens) and my feet blistered up pretty bad. Since that run, I’ve had to tape up my feet and thighs before I can run. It’s a pretty funny sight to watch me prepare for a run :). The leg chaffing was actually pretty bad this time, but covering it with athletic tape seemed to work.

Most of the blisters went away within a day or so, but there was one that got progressively worse. I woke up Tuesday morning and hobbled around the house. It throbbed & was a reddish purple color. Great, just what I need: I’m injury free after all of this training, but an infected blister might keep me from running. I’ve never had an infected blister before, it’s actually pretty gross looking. Lesson to myself and anyone reading: if you ever pop a blister (I know you’re not supposed to, but I just can’t help doing it), cover it and put an antibiotic on it!

One of the joys of training a lot! 🙂

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