Template Advice?

I’m going to tackle this blog format this weekend, but before I scour the interweb for a new template (I take forever with these things), I wanted to see if any of you had recommendations.  I don’t need anything fancy – just something simple, clean looking, the ability to have the rotating pictures on the main page, something that doesn’t stretch my photos oddly on the main page, tags at the end of a post, and the ability to display/promote my sponsors.  Other possible perks: better way to categorize recipes and chronicle training plans.

Or – are there other things I should be looking for?  Guess I don’t even know what could be done!

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  1. The templates for most free blogs are going to have similar limitations and freedoms. If you are really interested in defining and customizing a website/blog for specific needs, then you will probably need to explore how to tweak and edit the html/code that the blog is written.

    There are a lot of free websites on the interwebs that have some really easy to follow advice on how a blogger can get more from their free blog and/or personalize it to their niche. I would do a search for "custom blogger help", "edit blogger templates", "how to customize a blogger template", etc.

  2. I know very little about creating your own blog. I used WordPress and am very happy with the templates. I know I could do a lot more if I knew more about editing the html/code as Danny wrote about, but it is so intimidating to me (and plus I don't have the time to learn about it).

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