Never doubt Jerry’s genious

Jerry wanted me to try some speed today. On the original plan was 6x1000m and a few 400s. He edited to 3x1000m and 2x400m.

I pleaded to do more. As long as I’m going to make the achilles sore, why not get in a good quality workout? 3 repeats doesn’t exactly have that “hard-core workout” sound to it.

He said I could only do more than 3 if I could run faster than 3:15.

I protested again. Seriously? I’ve only ever done these in about 3:19. First VO2 max workout back and you want me aiming for 3:15s?!? You’re crazy. [Aside: 3:15 was the goal written before injury]

But, as he always is, Jerry was right. 3 was a great number for a first time. Times weren’t great, I can tell I’ve lost the most at this speed: 3:22, 3:20, 3:22 (oh man, the last 200m was ugly!). 400s in around 1:15-1:17 (yes, I have no leg speed). As I finished the third, I knew that I COULD do a 4th repeat but that it would be ugly. My guess is it would be in the 3:30ish range, my legs were jelly (sad!). And I’m sure allowing myself to break down to that level would probably put more demand on the achilles.

As it was, we stressed the achilles the perfect amount. A tiny sore, but feeling good again tonight!

Before the last 400, two of the YMCA runners passed me heading back from their run. We stopped to talk for a while, and I couldn’t wipe the “I am SO happy to be out here, working hard, making the lungs/legs hurt” smile off my face. I was overcome by joy in that moment, realizing how lucky I was to be out there with them (helps that they’re the 3 nicest, most supportive people), talking about repeat times, progress, healing, and goals for racing. (they probably think I’m crazy :), and they’re probably right)

So – puny as it may have looked at first glance, the first VO2 max day today was a perfect 1st workout back. Legs and lungs were reminded how they need to work, and I have no doubt they’ll reward me with some quicker times and more repeats next time 🙂

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