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I’ve reached out to Rasa Troup and Donna Marlor, who have both changed the way I look at fueling in different ways. It is amazing what a consistent and balanced nutrition plan can do for your training and recovery times! I’ll be publishing my favorite recipes, categorized by meal or type (post-workout).  Enjoy!  Let me know if there is something I should try, I’m always looking for new recipes!!

(This is a work in progress!!)

Breakfasts: Goal: 450 calories

3/4 cups slow cook oatmeal with 2 packets splenda, 225 calories.  Add in 1 Tbsp of peanut butter or .5 ounces of walnuts.
100 calories of greek yogurt with blueberries or other seasonal fruit OR two scrambled eggs
20 ounces crystal light
*Make sure you have both protein (1/5 of your daily needs!) and fat in your morning breakfast.

Mid-morning snacks: Goal: 225 calories

Another piece of fruit plus 100 calorie yogurt
OR Piece of bread with 1 Tbsp peanut butter + jam

Lunches (try to time this after AM workout): Goal: 450 calories

Egg White/Spinach Tortilla – 5 XL or 6 L egg whites split between two tortillas topped with as much spinach as I can!
With 100 calories of vegetables, either steamed or with dip
OR pasta + meat sauce (leftover)

Mid Afternoon Snacks:  Goal: 225 calories

1 cup Dannon greek yogurt, plain, with 2 packets splenda, 140 calories
1/2 cup Bob’s 7 grain hot cereal

Post Workouts (if needed, I try to time meals after workouts):

Egg White Oatmeal
Bob’s 7 grain oatmeal: 1/2 cup
1 cup chocolate milk
Vegan Strawberry Pancakes 
Protein Apple Bake (can also be used as a dessert!) (~200 calories)
Protein pancakes- I’ve tried this version, but will try this one with almond milk next time. Made with chocolate protein powder, these curb a craving for something warm and chocolatey.
Homemade Waffles

Dinners:  Goal: 400-450 calories

Brown Rice with Tofu, Dried Mushrooms, and Baby Spinach
Salad with grilled chicken breast (3 oz), feta, craisins, 1 Tbsp Balsamic Vinagrette (~200 calories)
Grilled meat (3 oz) with 10 brussel sprouts and baked potato (~350 calories)
Southwest Turkey Tacos (picture and recipe to come)
Garlic Tomato Sandwiches -~200 calories, great addition to any meal
Beet Barley with Mushroom Cannellini Bean Paprikas (~300 calories, 1/2 cup of each)
Raise The Roof Sweet Potato Lasagna (vegan) – 225 calories per piece (cut pan into 12) (without cashews on top).  Notes: I used 12 lasagna noodles and 1.5 jars of sauce.  Make sure to cover the noodles well so they soften in the oven (they come out perfectly Al-dente)

Chicken Bacon Avocado Sandwiches

Homemade Somethings (to try to cut out eating ingredients I can’t pronounce):

Homemade Buns – 200 calories each
Homemade Cornbread – cut into 9; 200 calories each


Hershey’s Bliss, Dark Chocolate with Carmel (35 calories) – YUMMM 🙂
World’s Healthiest Chocolate Chip Cookies – 135 calories, and half of that is from oatmeal!

= 1800-2200 calories/day depending on mileage