Michelle Baxter

TNC Endurance
Athlete Spotlight – Michelle Baxter!
To highlight TNC’s athletes, I’ll profile one or two of my athletes/month. Here goes my first!
Who she is:

Michelle Baxter
Location: Anchorage, AK
Yep, Alaska 🙂
Current PRs:

Marathon – 3:17
Half-marathon – 1:30
10K –  40:21
5K – 19:20
Winning the Kenai marathon in 3:17 in 2013!
Running Goals:

I would love to bring all of my PRs down. I don’t think I’ll
ever be satisfied with a certain time; I will always try to keep pushing to run
For a couple of years, I was trying really hard to qualify
for Boston. I finally did in 2012 and ran the Boston Marathon in 2013. 
My next
big goal is to break 3 hours in the marathon. I know I have a ways to go, so
this is definitely my “dream big” goal!
Favorite race distance:

Oh, I really love them all. (Well, except I’ve never done an
ultra or any trail races, which are not my cup of tea.) I love running and
racing period, so whatever the distance, I’ll do it. I feel like I’m a little
big strong on the “mid-distances”—10K, half-marathon.
Why did you start working with Nichole/TNC?
Nichole was the first person to believe in me and really saw
a lot of untapped potential.
Who are you outside of running? Hobbies? Other fun info?
I am a busy-body and cannot sit still, so instead of watching
TV or movies I am usually doing something around the house: baking, cooking,
cleaning, etc. I enjoy these things. I also enjoy spending time with my
[Nichole aside: definitely check out her blog!! therunnersplate.com]
Michelle with Craig, her husband, and faithful friend Sadie!

What would you do if you had an unscheduled day of vacation?

Sleep in until 7 a.m. just as the sun is just starting to rise; get up and check e-mail/Fb; get ready for my run; go for a run in the daylight and warmth of the day; come back and stretch, foam roll, and have breakfast. After getting ready, Craig and I would take our dog to the dog park and there would be no snow on the ground. Then we would go shopping and find too-good-to-be-true deals. We’d make dinner at home and then watch a movie at home as well. 

Favorite post workout food?
On a regular weekday, I usually eat a kale/spinach protein smoothie (Sounds gross taste great; I promise.) and toasted English muffin with peanut butter. After a long run or hard workout, I often don’t feel like eating much, so I will often drink UCAN (vanilla is my favorite). When I feel more like eating, then I like to make a breakfast sandwich with an egg and bacon on an English muffin. 
Favorite quote/inspirational mantra?
I often find myself repeating the lyrics “I feel good. . . . .I knew that I would. . .” during a race. I have NO idea how I started signing that in my head, but I often find myself saying this when a race is going well. I will also tell myself that I have trained harder than 95%–probably even 99%–of the people around me, which means I can pass these people and take them down. 
What inspires you to “get after it”?
Friendly competitions with my sister, reading other blogs and knowing they are working harder than I, and the desire to achieve my goals.

Do you have a favorite shoe brand, model? 

Right now I run in the Mizuno Wave Riders and have for the
past 1.5 years, but prior to that I have run in all sorts of brand: Asics,
Brooks, Saucony.
Last, any fun facts about yourself? Special talent, or travel experiences?

I am originally from Minnesota and grew up on a farm there. I
miss my family terribly and wish I could move back there. I taught physical education
for a few years but it wasn’t my forte so moved on to other things. 
My husband
and I have been married for 5.5 years. We just bought a house in August and
adopted a black lab /pit bull dog. Her name was Sandy, but we changed it to
Sadie because we could never remember Sandy and didn’t care for the name