Jeff Lanners

Meet Jeff!

Name: Jeff Lanners, 31, although my name depends on who you ask: Some call me Jeff, some call me Jeffy, or Jefferton. The only thing my friends and family don’t call me is late to dinner.

Location: South St. Paul, MN, although I grew up in a small town where the beer flows like cheese in a state just east of here.

Current PRs:

2017 was a lifetime of PR’s. I think I PR’d in almost every race I entered so I’ll just list the ones that were special to me:Marathon: 2:51 (Grandma’s 2014)100 Miler: 34 hours, 28 mins

Jeff during his Superior 100. Photo credits: Todd Rowe.

Favorite race distance:

As dumb at this sounds it doesn’t matter to me. Ideally the longer the race the better, but I just love to race. I just think it is fun to go out and run fast with a bunch of other horses.

Why did you start working with Nichole/TNC?

Why am I on TNC? Hmm, I was just planning on going down and running with her on Fridays while she got in shape for Spring marathons, but then she was pregnant so said that she wouldn’t be as great of a fast training partner and asked if I had ever considered being coached, by her or someone else. I didn’t think I was worth the time for anybody to coach me and that I wasn’t that deserving of a runner to have a coach or be on a team.Turns out coaches make you fast and that teams are awesome. I am not sure how she did it (maybe it was all those tempo runs chasing me around and yelling at me from her bike) but Nichole coached me up good.

Who are you outside of running? Hobbies? Other fun info?

When I am not running I am: cross-country skiing, or cooking or reading. Or doing something outside. Generally I just like to be outside: hiking, camping, biking, swimming.
Not outside. But perhaps a close approximation to what I encounter outside on a daily basis. If you know me, you know that he is frequently attacked by geese, deer, and other random animals while running… more than ALL of Nichole’s other athletes combined. So she says anyway.

What would you do if you had an unscheduled day of vacation?

Ideally I would spend it outside wandering around on some trails or just walking through the woods with my wife or at the very least with my dogs.

Have any social media sights we can check out?

Sadly, I am pretty anti-social as far as the interwebs goes. I much more prefer to do my socializing in person.

Jeff practicing his selfie skills


Another monkey practicing his selfie skills. Looks oddly similar, right? 🙂

Do you have a favorite shoe brand, model?

Since last October I have been running in Altra running shoes. I absolutely love them. They have a nice wide toe box and zero drop from heel to toe. If you are used to running in zero drop shoes and haven’t tried these out, you are missing out!

Favorite post workout food?

I pretty much eat anything when I get done running. It doesn’t matter what you put in front of me, it’s going to disappear. I especially love milk mixed with chocolate almond milk in a 70:30 ratio.

Last, any fun facts about yourself? Special talent, or travel experiences?What else is there that folk don’t know about me?

I didn’t take a honeymoon with my wife until 4 years after we were married. More importantly our honeymoon consisted of 10 days of late fall camping in Maine during which we: climbed a few mountains, went down to the beach while Hurricane Sandy made landfall, and eventually ran a marathon. I like to jibber-jabber with folk while I am running, and rumor has it I am often singing while on easy runs. I don’t know where that rumor originated, but it is probably true.

Coach update:

As of 2019, Jeff has now lowered his marathon PR further, to 2:38, as well as re-set his 8k PR, 10k PR, and 1/2 marathon PR (while pushing a double stroller and happened to also set a world record in the process, 1:15:49).