Coaching Scholarships

I am fortunate enough to be able to give back & coach a select number of clients at a reduced rate or no charge. Scholarships are awarded based on previous performances, running potential and personal situations/financial considerations. If you are interested in a personal coaching scholarship, please submit the following information for a scholarship consideration:

  • Running Background
  • Current PRs
  • Near and Long Term Goals
  • Next “A” race
  • Length of coaching relationship you are seeking
  • Why should you be selected?

Scholarships will be awarded on an as-needed basis. Selection criteria is as follows:

  • Current PRs and future potential
    • sub 2:55 (female) and sub 2:29 (male) marathon performances given preference
    • sub 1:23 (female) and sub 1:13 (male) 1/2 marathon performances given preference
  • Financial need: situational, recent college grad, etc.
  • Inspiring story, comeback, personal situation

Please email your application to: nichole.porath (at)