Welcome to the New Website and Blog!

I’m excited to be able to share my new website and blog with you!

This is a project I’ve been working on for a while. 9 years of blog history on Blogger is no small amount of info to migrate. A shout-out to David at ClickWP for all of his awesome help.

Why the change? I wanted to clean up and better organize my site, making it more helpful for readers and allowing me to highlight my coaching and running experience better. Additionally, Blogger’s iPhone app was no longer supported making it difficult to post updates. The blog will continue as it has before, focusing on my journey back to elite-level training and racing, training and racing tips, TNC Endurance coaching, and life in general.

Some highlights of the new blog:

  • Sign up for email updates – for email updates with upcoming races, tips, and TNC Endurance news, athlete results, and of course – humorous quotes or situations experienced on the run.
  • Coaching – I wanted to better highlight my coaching services as my business and coaching reputation has flourished over the last year and a half. Take a look at just a small sampling of TNC success and testimonials.
  • *New* Coaching Scholarships – Part of my coaching will now include partial or full coaching scholarships for 2-3 individuals. I am so thankful to finally be able to offer this. I am excited to introduce you to the first recipient in the near future. If you may be, or you know of, a second deserving recipient, please reach out by checking out the TNC Scholarship Details page.
  • Fast After Pregnancy – A larger focus on advice for running through pregnancy and coming back to training and racing post-partum. I’ve completed the recaps for both of my pregnancies (1st pregnancy here, 2nd pregnancy here). Tips for stroller training, training while juggling parenthood, healing Diastasis Recti, etc, will be future blog post topics and have a permanent home as a page.
  • Product Reviews – Periodic reviews of things that work & I love (Gen UCAN!) and things that I haven’t found helpful.

Take a look around! Comment below if there is particular content you are interested in!


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