With every day that passes, I find myself more in love with chasing this crazy goal. I’m trying to talk myself out of it – since it’s absurd and likely not even close to being possible. But I just can’t shake it… and not only that, I find myself wanting it more and more.

Sub-2:50 at Grandma’s

Then, sub 2:45 (OTQ!!) at CIM? Or Houston?

Photo: Greg Deveraux, 2017 Gobble Wobble

Or, if I could really figure out how to get faster, faster! (isn’t it somewhat annoying to have progress come so slowly?), then:

Sub 2:45 at Grandma’s

Then, enjoying the Professional Women’s field at NYC marathon in 2018 (if they would extend an invite with an OTQ, I think that is still their standard).

The latter idea falls in the “absurd” goal category. But oh well :). A girl can dream, right?

I just received my next week/monthly plan from Jerry last night. I told him that mentally I’m in a really good spot: loving becoming more focused, falling more in love with my goals, etc. But physically, I can’t seem to break out of this “slow” phase.

[Aside: I know I’m not actually running “slow”, but I haven’t been making steps forward and lately times have slipped a little backwards as I’m running through a fatigued phase]

Nate suggested that it’s perspective: 6 months ago I would have been ecstatic with my workout times. And yeah, he is right. But I feel like there is something missing in my training, and by golly, I am determined to figure it out so that I can make that next big step towards the goals above.

So, I’ve identified a couple of things:

1. A plan to combat my aging self’s inevitable slower reaction time, kick, spring from supple tendons, etc. After talking with Marie last week, I decided to ask for her help in coming up with a new strength, flexibility, and what-would-you-call-it, anti-slowness plan? We both agreed that as we age we find ourselves able to run well because of our aerobic base and strength

2. Talk to others who have maintained their speed and strength to see what they are doing. Hu-rah for having an awesome network. I’ve reached out to MG, now a national-class Masters runner who obviously has combated this aging thing well as she is tearing up the US Masters races! I’ll start there and likely reach out to a few other women as well.

3. Drills 2-3 times per day and work on being explosive and quick, per my convo with Jerry! Let go of this efficient, careful type stuff. I’m starting with drills during today’s lunch hour run.

Your turn:
Do you work more diligently on a single part of your training now vs. in previous cycles? What is it, and why? What is your plan/routine? 

Do you specifically work on power, drills, running economy, or quickness? If so, want to help your fellow runner amiga out w/ suggestions?! 🙂

Lets get a conversation going here!

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  1. I could have written this post myself! It is fun to dream of a OTQ, but it won't happen if I have another baby soon. :/ I, too, am finding that it takes my body a lot longer to recover–even compared to just 2 years ago. 🙂 I want to be 30 again!!

    1. I hate having to choose between being fast and starting/adding to a family :(. I wouldn't change being a female at all, but being competitive post-collegiately, and especially at the marathon distance, is difficult!

  2. 8x 30sec on 2 min off Fartleks in the middle of an easy run every other week, trying to work up to max sprint by the end. 8x 15 sec short hill sprints focusing on form, explosion and quickness. 2 mile at 5-10 seconds faster then 5k pace ( so basically all out).
    I’ve used all of these in the past to get out of a rut/break through to another level. Another thing that works is to find some 800m runners and try to keep up in their workouts. Easier to find when you are still in college…good luck chasing those dreams!

    1. Phil – THANKS!! I think this type of thing is exactly what I need. I've also reached out to Carleton and Olaf, hoping that I could hop into workouts every now and again and try to keep up. I haven't heard back… here's hoping, though. I think that will make a big difference as well!

  3. Great goals coach! Liking the read and comments too!!! I looked back at my times in 2011 and I avg'd a 6:35, 5k!!??? I want that back! Now I'm lucky if I hit a 7:25!

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