Training Lately – and Goals

With each week that has passed since TCM, I’ve become a little more excited about the upcoming race season. I’ve also had a couple of good workouts, which fuels excitement. Nothing amazing, but I’m moving in the right direction.

My first 1k workout after TCM (10/17) was decent, except that in the short time I took “off” from VO2 work I somehow completely forgot how to pace. 5x1k in sub 3:45 was the workout. I was able to muster a 3:27, 3:31, 3:34, 3:37, 3:36. Yeah, yeah, pacing left something to be desired. but at least I was able to reverse the trend that last one. I believe this is the first time that I’ve run sub 3:30 on a 1k repeat in a long, long time. 

This picture doesn’t do the day’s windchill justice. 4 degree windchill in early November. BRR, my skin isn’t used to this.

I will not forget to pack a buff from now on, that’s for sure.

I also did 5x800m on the track last week in 2:47, 2:49, 2:50, 2:48, and 2:46. I did these with Sedge at the Olaf track while his kids played with the football tackle-dummy. They joined us for the last two, so I contribute that 2:46 entirely to trying to beat 8 year old Stellan down the backstretch.

My speed is terrible. I did 300s last week and felt like I was just muscling through them. I couldn’t move my legs any faster! Times left something to be desired: 62, 62, 61, 61, 62, … then a bunch of 62 and 63s.

I’ve had two tempo workouts as well. Those are coming along at about mid-6:20 pace. It’s been fun to have found a new female training partner that is willing to do these with me step-for-step. How lucky am I to find this in a small town? Yup, Northfield is the BEST.

Like I said, I’ve become more excited about my Spring goals. I’ve decided to forgo my first ultra (and chance to compete for a National Championship) to focus on a fast Grandma’s marathon. I would really, really like to break 2:50 again. I signed Craig up the other week (before prices went up!) as he said he would be willing to pace me to that.

Because this blog needs random kid photos inserted into it.

Greta opening a gift from a coworker. She is in love with My Little Ponies. Her absolute joy at being able to wear Rainbow Dash is beyond precious!!

Just in general, these two are at really fun ages (just turned 1 and 3)!! 

I know I’ll need to do all of the little things a lot better than I’m doing right now, but it’s also nice to know there is a lot of low-hanging fruit for me to grab. Not only the little things, but a lot of low hanging fruit with the big things as well: Through about 1/2 way through my 2:58 at TCM I was really struggling to control that right hamstring and hip. I was not smooth and there was more than a dozen random “give out on me” steps. Plus, I stopped twice late into the race with a side ache and nausea (need to work on fueling).

Another goal of mine is to take a shot at the MN 1/2 marathon record for 34 year old women. Currently it’s 1:18:45 and my PR pre-babies is 1:19-high (done as a MP workout back in the day). I’ve never been good at the 1/2 marathon distance — but I’ll try to become just a little bit better! The MN record for 35 year old women is 1:13 by Katie McGreggor… so if it’s going to be done, it has to be done before July 1st next year!

Then, if I’m in the 2:40-high zone at Grandma’s, I really do wonder if a sub 2:45 might still be inside me. I know it’s a HUGE long-shot. Probably impossible. But I’ll take it a day at a time – becoming stronger, fitter and faster each day!

Congrats, Meb, on such an awesome running career!

An equal to congrats to Shalane for her amazing effort in NYC as well. WOW. How inspiring is that? I’ll replay highlights of her win before a lot of my epic marathon pace workouts!!

Oh, and my About Me page is updated. It was “About Time”, since that was last written in 2013 or 2014… I really need to clean up and simplify this blog! All in good time, right?

Your turn: What are your goals for 2018?

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  1. I think your body is much more designed for the full, whereas I am better at the half. But I'll get that sub-3 one way or another! I'm really excited for your journey and where it will take you! Now I wish I would have had two babies back to back so I could focus on training for a few years. Sigh. . . .it is just hard being a female competitive athlete who also want babies.

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