Training Weeks 8 & 9

Time seems to be flying by faster than ever.

I’ve been able to continue to increase my mileage each week and my stride seems to becoming stronger each day. There has been more up and down the last two weeks, but that might be expected when things are somewhat dependent on Greta enjoying the stroller ride 🙂
There are still days that I really struggle, either with control of my legs (sometimes quads, sometimes hip flexors) or a really high heart rate, but there are more good days than not-as-good days, so I’m taking that as progress!

She’s not enjoying her 2 month photo shoot. See Zoomer next to her? Craig grew up with it and gifted it to her. I’m thinking next year we might have to make/find her a matching jumpsuit!

Let’s try it with your cow instead! Ohhh… okay… we’ll try again tomorrow.
The next day. She’s so serious! Her legs also look like chicken legs… hmmm…. guess I’ll have to do a better job of photos next month!
Week 8: 36 miles:
The low-light was our run on Monday back from “Baby Talk” (aka Mom Club). 3 minutes into the run there it started pouring. I had good clothes on and a brimmed hat, Greta was all bundled – so I decided to keep going. We looked awesome coming into the class :). Because a sopping wet hair-do and clothing for an hour class, while breast feeding can only be described as awesome!
That wasn’t bad, actually – I like the adventure! It was our run home… I had planned 7+ as a progression, but after 2.5 miles of screaming, I decided I needed to head home. I considered feeding her at home and then hopping on the treadmill (so we wouldn’t have to get all dressed and in the stroller again), but then thought that the point of the workout was a longer progression run and I wasn’t doing myself by having so many breaks in the miles. Plus I had just taken the last 2.5 miles pretty hard so I wasn’t exactly doing the workout as written.

So, I did it the following day and NAILED IT!

It was 8.3 miles total, starting at a HR of 160 and ending at 201 (a new workout max for me!). The key was not caring how slow I was going at first – 160 is hard for me to hold back to since it equates to a pretty slow pace – but I know the benefits of working out in the right zones so I told myself not to care about pace at all.
I was lucky enough to have Craig and Jeff there with me, so they pushed the stroller, and Jeff jammed to “Shake it off” the last 5 mins of my progression workout. Perhaps that’s why I was able to hit a new HR max! He also got to reverse roles and yell at me to push harder, which was fun 🙂

Getting dressed up for a run. Her snowsuit is just a little big! She’s become a really smiley baby lately. It’s so fun!

I capped off the week with a 10 mile long run. They’re getting easier, but my hip flexors struggle in the last few miles. At least they’re getting stronger, though!

Week 9: 41 miles
On Monday we planned to run to and from Greta’s 2 month doctor check-up (4.5 miles one-way) but 1/2 mile into the run Greta decided this was the worst idea possible and started screaming. So, I ran the stroller back to the house, fed her a little more, and then packed us up to drive.

Seems like this is a common theme for Mondays? Hmm.

Her appointment went really well, though! She got 3 vaccinations via injection and 1 vaccination orally. I actually did okay holding her down and watching! Oh, how far I’ve come (I used to faint after watching or having shots)!
They measured her and she’s in the 2nd percentile for height and 4th percentile for height. 24th percentile for head circumference. Our master financial plan to pay for college via a basketball scholarship have been dashed.
Hopefully a big head = room for lots of brains!
Later that night we ran 2 miles with “the group” that came over for P90x. We clearly must be cool… we were able to recruit 6 other people over for some fun strength work! Add Nate, me, Greta, and 2 dogs to the mix and it was a happening place! We even had one person doing raised leg lunges on Greta’s bouncy stroller because we only had so many chairs or stairs :). So awesome.
Then we all ate together. Marco, one of the individuals that came over, later said, “Tiene la culpa” – meaning, “It’s Nichole’s fault”. HA!
My best workout was a 7.5 mile hill workout (12×20 seconds all out). I did it with Mesa while Nate and Craig took Greta out for a ski. For the first time, I was able to move fast enough to really work myself. My hip flexors are getting stronger by the day! Plus, I just felt like I was slapping the ground more powerfully the entire run! I LOVE RUNNING.

Nate taking the chariot on skis for the first time!

We were so lucky to find a used pair of skis from someone I sat next to at the Birkie Marathon awards ceremony. I was pregnant so she asked if I was planning to run/ski with the baby because she had a used ski attachment their family had just outgrown. OF COURSE!

That attachment is $285+ tax new. That’s just crazy. There really aren’t many used out there – I had been looking.

YAY for random connections and a very generous running/skiing community!!!!!

The low-light of the week was a run on Christmas. After a visit to The Urgency Room (heard advertisements on the radio much?) to try to clear up an infection, I headed out for a 5 miler later that day. I started vomiting 1/2 mile into the run. It sucked… it reminded me how much pregnancy sucked. It also reminded me that I still haven’t really “healed” from all that throwing up since I was still throwing up blood at the end of the “episode” again. Plus, nothing better than trying to keep Mesa from getting to “interested” in what I was doing in between heaves. Awesomeness. I felt better afterwards, but after calling Nate and talking about it, he suggested it’d be best to jog back home and just take it easy. His exact words, “I appreciate that you want to be hard-core about this, but it’s better for you to just go home.” *Sigh* I hate not being able to do workouts on my plan as written!

After thinking about it, I think it was the fact I had taken my first med dose right before the run because later that night after my second dose I felt nauseous again.

The highlight was enjoying Greta’s first Christmas with family! She was very popular. We played a lot of “pass the baby” and relatives played “let’s give her a TON of presents” :). Good times were had by all!

Greta’s first gift to me. Hope my uncle doesn’t mind me sharing here – I think it’s hilarious.

First, the envelope is addressed “To Mom From Greta”. I was confused. Guess I’m not used to being called mom yet!

I opened it to find a typed letter and gas gift card from “her”.

It reads: Dear Mom,
Please take this and use it if I’m ever with you when we buy gas. I’m so afraid that you’re a forgetful person and that the police will come see us again. And if they take you away I’m going to be ashamed, mad, sad, and let’s not forget… HUNGRY!

If you’re willing, Dad and I can try to seek professional help for you, or even take your license away… I’m WAY too important for you to be ripping people off, plus Dad does make a pretty good living.

Please use this card for ME mom 🙂

Love, Greta

I haven’t laughed that hard in a LONG time!! HAHAHAHA! If you’re in the dark about why this is funny, read her baby shower post here.

With Aunt Mary. Greta is in a hat that my high school’s wife knitted for her. How awesome is that?
I ended the week with a 7.5 mile easy run with my brother, cousin, husband, and dog! It was all on hard pack snow so I just ran until my hip flexors were completely spent. They didn’t appreciate the additional strength needed to push off of snow and ice or the fact that we were clipping along faster than they’re used to (despite the footing!). 8:20s! Woot, woot!

A gem from our last visit to my parents (“the farm”). I’m walking with my dad, brother, and Nate. They hunt, I tag along for the conversation. They found my ability to jump rock to rock to cross a stream very humorous. I am terrible. TERRIBLE. Nate had to come back to help me, held my hand and told me which rocks to step on next. HA.
Questions to play along:
Were you able to run with family members over the holidays?

What was your most memorable or fun experience over the holidays?

Best and worst gifts you gave/received?

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  1. Does running after my toddler count as running? Then I did 2.6 miles . favorite memory? Kids seeing santa and playing games. Pre holiday or best memory of vacation Perkin's! And having to call dad, he was VERY worried lol. Haven't been so happylaughted in forever! Best gift: getting to come home to see everyone and having the best sister ever

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