Foot pain :(


Since starting running after the marathon, the top of my foot has been sore. I thought it was just because I might have tied my flats too tight or perhaps the chip I raced in pressed into my foot while racing (?).

I ran for about 5 days in the US before leaving for Amsterdam. Now, looking back, I see that even the first entries in my log say “foot hurts”, sometimes with an exclamation mark, sometimes without. But the comment is in each entry :(. Guess I didn’t think much about it because it didn’t hurt that bad, and I assumed it was from tying my race shoes too tight.

Abroad, there was nothing I could really do about it. I just loosened my shoes & dealt with it. Towards the end of the trip, I think it hurt less, so I thought it was healing, whatever it was.

Until yesterday’s run. I don’t remember noticing it on the run, but afterwards I felt it much more than normal. I ran again today, but stopped multiple times because it hurt a bit. That’s the first time the pain has concerned me enough to make me stop a workout… Nate took one look at it tonight and brought an ice pack. It’s swollen (hasn’t been before, I don’t think) and a little discolored. Great.

So, I emailed Jim tonight to see if I could get in for an Xray first thing tomorrow. A quick google search seems to say stress fracture is the probable cause. Otherwise some sort of tendon injury?

Nate reminds me that I can’t start thinking one way or the other now, but I can’t help it… PLEASE do not let this be another injury. Please, please, PLEASE!

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  1. If the pain's at the fourth metatarsal, stress fracture is the most likely cause. A quick test: fractures hurt if you press on them from more than one angle; if it hurts when you press from above and from below (which may take some doing, to actually get there), it's a break.

    The good news is that discoloration is more common with sprains than breaks. No speedwork, no downhills, run on soft even surfaces, stop when it hurts.

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