Low on Motivation


I’ve been trying to find excuses not to run lately. Good thing I have a good support system (aka my husband, who was the reason I started a treadmill run tonight).

I’m not sure why. Probably because I feel a little overloaded, with work, the move, and trying to log a lot of training hours. Could also be the weather… I usually try to run over lunch, but if I can’t (which has been often lately, way too busy at work), I find it really hard to motivate myself when it’s cold, dark, and snowy :(. Could just be that I’m going through a slump. Deep down, I know my marathon isn’t for another 6 months… I thought about that tonight, and said to myself, one day in December won’t matter at all, right? What’ll really count is the 3 months up before the marathon. [That’s when I told my husband I wasn’t running tonight, and he said, “Really? Would you be happy with that decision later?”. Argh. You’re right, I wouldn’t be…. so I trudged down to the treadmill]

The good news? I’ve been able to get myself out… even if takes a lot of coaxing. IF I can get myself out for my long run tomorrow, I’ll have 68 miles this week. Guess that’s not bad, considering the goal was 70 this week. I got in two of my 3 quality sessions, and am hoping tomorrow to incorporate the 3rd into the long run.

I will admit, though… I skipped all of my strength sessions this week :(. Chrissy (and Wilie!), feel free to yell at me. I deserve it.

So, overall, not bad, I just hope I hit a stretch where I’m super motivated again. I never know how to get over stretches like this (well, in the past, I simply just didn’t run… hence why last winter my training log looked like 60-30-40-70-20-etc). Any ideas?

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  1. Nichole – I'm finally catching on reading this blog after labor & delivery and just read that you are lacking some motivation (and missed your strength training sessions) for this week. I'm not going to yell at you. 🙂 Maybe you need just a little mental break & you have a lot on your break. Don't feel guilty about this week, just move on & aim to complete these sessions this week. You can do it – sometimes it helps me if I take a look back at old journals, or log books, or photos & results from past races to get me back into it. You have a big goal Nichole, I know you can do it. All of the little things help get you to the big things…Carrie Tollefson used to tell me something along those lines when I was in College. Keep after it Nichole!

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