Goal Setting

I am such a goal oriented person. Anyone that knows me will agree (ask Nate :). Give me a goal, and I’m happier than ever to chase it, no matter what it is.

Goal setting also gives me renewed pupose behind my training. I tend to think of ways to get out of workouts or cut them short if I don’t have something specifically I’m working towards (It’s too cold today! It’s already 8:30pm… let’s cut the run in 1/2 tonight, etc.).

So, I’ve set out to do some concrete goal planning for this winter and early spring. I’m still working on finding races, but here’s my tentative plan:

November – 1 or 2 5ks – just to see where I’m at. Hope to be somewhere around 18:00

December – 5k – Anyone know of any good ones?

January – Late Jan – the Mankato indoor track meet with the Gusties? 3k? 5k on the roads, 17:50 (know of any good races?)

Feb – Meet of hearts @ Carleton indoor meet – 5k, sub 17:45

March- Late March: Human Race 8k – sub 29:20. Mid march: irish for a day 10 miler? or a 10k?

April- GAC Alumni 5k. Sub 17:30. Get in gear 10k – goal high 36s. Potentially a 1/2 marathon, goal sub 1:22.

May- 1/2 marathon. Haven’t picked one yet. Anyone know of any fast/flat ones? Goal will be sub 1:20.

June- Grandma’s. 2:46!

I know this is really far out to be setting time goals, but I think more than “goals” these are benchmarks I need to hit in order to make a legitamite try at 2:46 at Grandma’s in June.

Just writing this down makes me want to get out & run :). Love it :).

P.S. I’m working on a training partner/group — SUPER excited about the possibility, but there’s still a decent enough chance that it might fall through, so I don’t want to mention anyone specifically yet. So excited, though! I know this will make a huge difference in my training. Sorry for the cliff hanger 🙂

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