Random comment of the day

During last night’s run around the high school:

“Todd thinks you’re HOT!”

“Yeah, turn around! Todd thinks you’re hot!!”

I sort of laughed at myself. Oh, high school.

Then I thought to myself, “Wow, I’m 27, and the oldest Todd COULD be is about 17. Hmm. 10 years, really? When did I get old?!?” (I don’t feel old! I feel like high school wasn’t that long ago!!)

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  1. Take the compliment (and try to ignore that teenage boys' standards are questionable!); you're babyfaced enough you could still pass for high school age at a distance.

    The first time I felt old was when I could no longer walk on a college campus and be thought to be a student – 20 years ago! My friends are grandparents! Aiyeee!! Make it stop!

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