Wish I knew

The sore spot by my SI joint has gone away, there’s just a weird nerve sensation over the joint now. It’s runable — it doesn’t get any worse, and it doesn’t hurt at all. It just doesn’t feel right.

So the question becomes: do I continue to run on it? I just sent a note to Jerry — nice to have another person to run everything by.

The problem is that in order to “race” a fall marathon, I really need to start putting in miles now. Race day is in less than 3 months. So maybe this minor re-injury of the area means that I pack it up, rest a while longer to kick it in the butt, and then just look at this summer/fall/winter as a “train to train” sort of period. Run a fall marathon, but not look at it as much as an “all-out-race” sort of thing.

Other option is to continue to run easy miles on it (Jerry recommended trying this early in the week, 6-8 miles a day just to test it to see how it reacted), hope that this sensation is just the area healing after the re-injury. And see what happens. Could be bad, could be good. This option would still probably allow a pretty competitive marathon.

*Sigh* Hard to know. Injuries take too much brain power.

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  1. Nope, nothing down the leg. It's more like a lot of dull (nothing sharp) nerve firings in the whole SI joint area. I ran tonight and it's still there, but better! I'm praying… 🙂

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