Great workout on the bike! Hope some of this will transfer to the roads!

What a great bike today!! 20 minute warm up and then 40 minutes at threshold (average HR 183).

Originally I was going to do 2×15 minutes at threshold (previous threshold workout on the bike was 2×12 minutes, average HR 176, 180 during those sessions — and that was pretty hard, I remember). At 12 minutes, I thought to myself: I can do 20. Yeah, that sounds good. This is a lot easier than it was last time.

At 20 minutes, I tell my husband who’s in the workout room with me that I’m going to go 30. Why does this feel so much easier?

At 25, I tell him that I don’t mean to speak too soon, but I think I could go 40 minutes. He looks at me weirdly. Are you sure you’re going at threshold level, he asks me? I don’t know… my HR is now right about 183-185, but I feel great. Breathing a little bit, but not much. If I was going by feel, guess I’d be going harder?

So, ended up going 40 minutes. Wow! It felt great, no joke. Question of the day becomes: should you train by HR (by the levels that I know are generally my zones) or train more by feel? Sitting here after the workout, I’m wondering if I shouldn’t have gone harder… but then I don’t know if I would have been able to go as long?? Argh, either way, it was a GREAT workout. I’ve become (somewhat) a biker!

Also, I’m wondering how any of this will transfer to the roads. The Musky Festival 5k (a race at the inlaw’s cabin I’ve done every June) is the last weekend in June, and I’d really like to think I could run it. Wouldn’t it be fun to race it?!? Guess we’ll see how these hours/work on the bike transfer to lung/leg strength on the road!

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  1. Hey Nichole! To answer your question – this was a lactate threshold workout correct? If so, you should go by heart rate & yours seemed a little high for an LT workout, but do you know if your max HR is higher than most? Sometimes it feels good to go faster but then it no longer is a threshold workout which is the goal of this workout. Are you sore today? That's another good sign as to if you ran too hard or not. LT workouts should not cause you soreness. Glad your workout went SO well though!! 🙂 You're making progress!
    Love ya,

  2. Thanks, Chrissy. My HR zones are really high — base stuff between 160-165 (rarely can I get it below 160, even on an easy day), and threshold around 180ish. When racing, it gets to 205-210.

    So 180 is generally what I use as a guideline for threshold, but I was just surprised how easy it felt. Granted, it was on a bike, so maybe that makes a difference?

  3. Okay, glad to hear that! You do have a high HR! Ok, hmmm maybe it made a difference becuase it was on a bike since you have been doing that for a few weeks now, I'm thinking your body is getting used to that? But also, you've been steadily doing something active for sooooo long that you are not losing much fitness at all & so maybe it's not a surprise that you could go that long? You're making progress & I'm excited for you!

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