I’m really hopeful!

Long day today…

Went in at noon to see my primary doctor. After a lot of strength tests and pushing on random bones (and a lot of eyebrow scruches), he determines that:
1. My hips are still out of alignment, and significantly
2. It’s not the piriformis muscle or a disc related issue
3. It’s probably not a stress fracture (note the probably…)

He also commented on how musclular I was. Guess he’s used to seeing the USA Team MN members, who are all probably 5-10 inches taller than me and a whole lot skinnier 🙂

He still thinks the best option is to get back into alignment. I’m skeptical — the last 4 days have gotten worse & I’m hobbling when I walk now. Can this much pain come from just being out of alignment?? He does point out that in the last week I haven’t ran/done anything with the hip and it hasn’t gotten better. If it was muscular, you would have thought it would be at least a little better with rest, not getting worse. Guess there’s some logic in that.

I tried to set up an appointment right away at Motion Care in Shoreview becuase I was already up in the cities, but no luck. So, I drive back to Red Wing and think to myself: if it’s just an alignment issue, wonder if I can call up Jim Patterson in town? Nate and I know him from XC skiing and he’s a local chiropractor.

I call him around 2:00. He’s working from home, but asks if I can meet him at his office at 3. Sure!! He brings me in and after 2 (very loud!) adjustments I’m moving a lot better. We talk about meeting again on Monday — he pauses and says, “Well, for an acute injury like yours, it’s best to get seen every other day for the first week. How about calling me Friday night to set up something for Saturday?”

Wow! What a nice gesture! Turns out he’s also the corporate chiropractor at RWSC’s manufacturing plans, so I could actually see him anytime during the week for FREE. This is EXACTLY what I need. I’ve determined through this injury that I need to see someone on a regular basis during those high mileage weeks. Being able to drive just a mile or two and see someone once/twice a week and for free — gee, that’s absolutely perfect!! Otherwise I know I’d limit the number of times I went, constantly thinking “well, this week is only a 70 mile week. I probably don’t need to go”

Anyway, my back muscles are pretty uncomfortable right now. I’m actually excited about this. The last time they felt like this was after a Motion Care visit a couple of years ago when I had another injury… and after one visit and a similar uncomfortable back feeling, I was on the road within a week…

SOO, I don’t want to get too excited, but I’m really, really hopeful that Jim did something just a little differently & that it’ll finally fix the alignment issue. Keeping the fingers crossed!! 🙂 🙂

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