So I treked up to Battle Creek on Wednesday night for the last official Vakava practice. That’s crazy. I feel like this last year with them has FLOWN by. In a way it has — new job, move, couple of marathons, new dog, etc. Guess I just feel like I haven’t been able to donate as much time to it as I would have liked. I say that about a lot of things, though.

Anyway, on to snow. It’s icy, and man… I’ve forgotten how terrible I am at balancing on icy snow! Very, very terrible. I’m just HOPING beyond HOPE that the Birkie isn’t like this. I also make a mental note to myself that I HAVE to get better at balance (I think that’s the main problem when it’s icy).

Then intervals start. I’m much farther back than I’ve ever been & am not even getting myself close to that “working hard” point. I notice my legs aren’t very snappy or light, probably due to the 12 hour/70 mile week last week. Oh well, they’ll rest up quick, I have no doubt.

Dave jumps in behind me during the last interval. We finish, pretty far behind, and then he has me V2 up a little incline. Except he tells me to do it 1/2 way up, when I have no momentum at all… so basically I couldn’t get ANYWHERE with my V2. I looked ridiculous (I can’t see myself, but I can imagine), flailing about, but not getting anywhere. I like his reaction, though — even though he meant to say “wow, is that really what your V2 looks like?!” — he just said “hmmm, that needs a bit of work”. Ha! Yep, along with basically everything else I do on skis. Sort of a frustrating and daunting feeling.

Anyway, it was good to get out on skis, even if it wasn’t the best of practices. Now — let’s hope that’s the end of the slow/awkward skiing & I can RACE at the Birkie! Wouldn’t that be fun?!? 🙂

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