Better rest up… quick

My legs are sore!

I took the last week as a chance to put in one last good mileage week before a big taper for the Birkie. 72 miles, yeah! Yes, I know what you’re thinking… shouldn’t I be saying that I had a moderate ski hour week, and now I’m tapering even more this week? Yes… but again, trying to balance the two sports and leaning a little more toward running now since the marathon is less than 3 months away now. Plus, I know that the week after the Birkie training starts full-blast, with a 40 mile recovery week and then in the 75-80 mile weeks. Can’t do those when you haven’t put in a few 70s.

The end of this week I was in Portland, OR to visit my sister who just had her first baby. I’m an aunt! The week went by quick, but I made sure to get in a good sized run each day. The last day my sister dropped me off in a city park & pointed me in the direction of a dirt trail. Off I ran. Beautiful! I had a 19 miler on my plan. The first mile clicks off: 10 minutes or so. Hmm, guess it was a little uphill. Mile 2 brings more uphill. 10:30. This is going to be one long run! I soon start ignoring my Garmin and instead ran on time. The run was GORGEOUS. 60 degrees, things are starting to bloom, and I’m running alone deep in the woods. Can’t get much better!

I ended up running for 2:48. No clue how long that was. My quads are still sore a day later (don’t get that feeling often!), so it must have been a good run. Now, just need to rest them up the rest of the week so they’re fresh for the Birkie! Let’s hope for good weather!!

Speaking of the Birkie — I’ll ski Wednesday with Vakava (if work permits). What do people usually do to sharpen up for the Birkie? I might be different because of the amount of ski time I generally do… but is getting out on skis once this week OK?

Also, I have to do a little waxing this week since Nate is gone in Hibbing. Hmm, should be an adventure. I almost always just have him do it. Any recommendations on what to start with? I’m planning to use Devin at the shop for the “fast” top coat (he hooked me up last year REALLY well ;).

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