HR Averaged 216 for last mile…

Wow! I haven’t seen a reading that high since I bought & started using my HR monitor. Granted, I don’t run with my it all the time, but I’ve raced in it several times and done quite a few hard workouts with it.

My HR is abnormally high. My previous “high” at a race was something like 212. My typical max during a really long, all-out workout is around 208.

Today I did 10 miles total: 4 warm up, 3 relatively hard miles, and 3 cool down. I was going to do 4 at threshold, but backed down after seeing my HR. Workout as follows: I started the warmup and felt pretty good. HR around 170 or so. Then started the hard stuff. First mile HR around 194. Great. 2nd one just a little higher than that. Then my watch clicks to start monitoring the 3rd mile. 210? I give it a quarter mile and re-look. Maybe something’s wrong. I’m not actually breathing that hard. My legs are pretty dead so I’m straining pretty hard for my push-off, and I am doing these all uphill, but other than that — this doesn’t feel like a 210 effort! The average continues to creep up, ending at 216 average for that last mile. WEIRD. Guess it’s just 8 or so beats higher/minute than I’d expect… but it’s just that I’ve never seen a reading this high before (especially never on a workout).

I’m not really sure what that means. Either 1) I’m not in that good of threshold or VO2 max shape (VERY likely, I’ve done very little hard work this winter, mostly just base) or 2) I’m still getting over my cold (does that affect your HR?) or 3) the HR monitor wasn’t working properly.

Oh well — just a hard workout, which is exactly what I needed. I’m also going to remember to run with my HR monitor all the time. It’s just nice to compare HR over different workouts during different parts of the year.

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