Lacking motivation…

I have to admit, my training hasn’t been great lately.

Granted, it’s not terrible (50-60 miles a week, plus ~3-4 hours skiing)… most people would probably be pretty pumped to be logging those kinds of miles.

I’m just a little unmotivated, I guess… trying to find other things to “busy” myself with so I can have an excuse not to get outside. Before this blog post, I was taking care of a few tax things. Fun :). I go through these phases every once in a while, bla. I think it’s because I’m far enough away from my race that I’m not motivated by it. When I went to visit a friend over Xmas break and joked about just running the 7 blocks over to see her & back, she looked at me and quizzically said, “your marathon isn’t for another 5 or so months, right?”. I guess she’s right… maybe I don’t need to be doing as much as my “plan” laid out for me. Maybe I don’t need to try to be so structured with it. But something in the back of my head says, “you DO really need it”. I think that voice is right… a 2:52 in May won’t come easily…

So today I had 13 miles on my plan. Hmmmm 🙂

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