2nd ski workout

45 minutes, double pole and striding. My arms and abs were tired after just about 25 minutes, how sad! A couple weeks back Nate did a 3 hour OD ski w/ Vakava where he double poled the entire thing (and there are some big hills there). Hmm.

But, I guess you have to start somewhere! I went out at 9 pm (another late night at work, this is starting to not be fun anymore…) — what a gorgeous night!! I’m sure I looked great. I was too lazy to take the time to put in contacts so went out in my glasses, and needed a headlamp to see where I was going. Plus, I could only find one of my knee pads. Ha! I’m sure I looked like a real winner.

I enjoy the challenge of skiing. I’m constantly thinking, trying to do things better. But I sort of miss the “turn on the headphones, tune out the world, don’t think” aspect of most of my running workouts. That’s really fun & I enjoy the time to decompress. Maybe skiing will eventually get that way? I hope so — when you’re tuning out the world, time seems to go by quickly. The time from about 20-30 took an eternitttyyyy.

During the middle of the workout, I wondered to myself: what would I do if someone decided to chase me? I’m skiing alone, in the dark, I’d be a pretty easy target. When I’m running, I’m pretty confident I could get away on foot from most people. Given any headstart at all, I could put some good distance on them quickly. On skis, though? I honestly don’t think I could pick it up much more than what I was doing, and I couldn’t hold that for any sort of distance. Note to self: I need to work on that. Not because there’s ever a real threat that someone’s going to come after me, but because I *should* have a 2nd gear. Where I’m at now is pretty pathetic.

So, on to another day. I really, really hope I can leave here while it’s still light (even if I have to come back afterwards). I’m excited for another ski workout! Not sure what that’ll be yet (other than it’ll be skate becuase that’s the stuff I brought with me).

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