You guessed it…

I read through my last post and realized I was just asking for it… yep, you guessed it, I came down with something on Sunday. I’ve just been doing too much lately & not sleeping enough.

I’m just getting over it (thank goodness, only 2 days of feeling crummy). It started with a really poor showing on my long run on Sunday. One of the rollerskiers actually commented on it. Funny how there was a noticeable difference even to someone who doesn’t train with me often. I must have really looked like [email protected]

Let this be a lesson to anyone reading this: Drink a glass of water! Take your vitamins! Go to bed early!! (please yell back at me the next time you see a blog post like my last!)

Now I’m in the less-than-3-week countdown. Unbelievable. Goals: just a little more speed, get the legs feeling strong and fast, and STAY HEALTHY AND INJURY FREE. 🙂 Easier said than done!

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