Nothing a little vacation can’t cure

I’m a little burned out, not going to lie. This week I didn’t have that same “let’s tackle that workout plan” attitude. In fact, during my run last night (2nd for the day) I stopped mid-run, put my hands to my head, and told my husband that I really just wanted to quit. I had a hard time getting myself out the door that night as well.

I hate this feeling. I also hate knowing that I can’t really allow myself to get too lax with my training — I need to follow up last week’s 100 with another 3 weeks of 80-90 mile weeks. These are the most important weeks of the entire cycle.

I’m hoping that getting away on vacation will help. I’m leaving tomorrow for a week up on the North shore and at the cabin. It should be filled with a lot of hiking, running, and skiing (bringing the rollerskis). Hopefully the change in scenery will help rejuvinate me!!

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