Not sure what to do

I took Sunday and Monday completely off. Yesterday (Tuesday) I went out for a short (45 min) classic ski. I woke up today and my legs still feel a little tired. Ug!

I’m torn: I think I have 3 options. First, I could take the rest of the week completely off. No running, no rollerskiing. (I hate taking time off — I realized these last few weeks how much I like to run/ski/workout, and how much I like to see what my limits are, how far I can go, etc!)

Second: I could ski the rest of the week. Give my “running” muscles a rest, but this would also give me much needed time on rollerskis. I feel very behind in my training on skis.

Third: I could ramp my training back up starting today (Wednesday) or tomorrow (Thursday). Maybe the tiredness in my legs is due to just not doing enough. I haven’t done much in the last month (a couple weeks of 40-50 miles), and when you’re just starting to run/ski again, your legs will always be tired.

Anyone’s thoughts???

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