Back at it

I decided to start running again, hoping that I was just feeling tired because of the added stress in my life, not enough sleep, and generally not training well. Hope I made the right decision.

I skied for the majority of the week (3 days!! That might be a record for me) and started to run on Friday. On Friday I did 6 miles (easy) and Saturday I did 4 miles. Sunday I ran in the Musky Fest 5K race, doing more warm up and cool down to try to get in miles like my usual Sunday long runs. WU: 2.75 miles. Race 3.1 miles (18:41, 1st woman). CD: 5.5 miles. Total for the day: 11.5. The race went OK. My legs didn’t feel like they had that extra gear at all — just that general feeling of being a little tired and heavy. I’m fairly happy with the time, though: 18:41 isn’t bad considering how little hard running I’ve done in the last 2 months.

I called my college coach over the weekend, and it sounds like he’s pretty interested in working with me more 1-1 for this training cycle. I’m so excited! We work really well together, and I could use someone to bounce ideas off of (for example: last week when I didn’t know whether to start running again or take more time off). More on this to come! 🙂

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