Not a great run today. The tempo was pretty good (7:38), which surprised me because my legs didn’t feel great. But 7:30s seemed to take a lot less effort than 8:00s, so I just went with it. At about 10 miles, though, I started to feel my quads tighten up and in general didn’t feel as good. I was completely dry and had a salty film all over. Gross. I did another 2 miles, but then called it quits. No use in running through feeling like this just to get mileage in. I’ve learned my lesson… listen to your body.

I hope it’s just the fact that I’m not used to running in heat and haven’t been hydrating properly. It might also be that I pushed it a little too much last week (I added marathon pace to a long run, did the repeats faster than I was supposed to… but I felt so GREAT last week!! Had to take advantage of that). Maybe my body hasn’t fully recovered? At any rate, I need to get that “spring” in my legs back before Saturday’s race.

So, I have a water glass next to me as I write this :). Wondering what I should do tomorrow? The plan originally called for 8 in the AM and 4 in the PM plus a few striders…

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